Saturday, 18 June 2016

Themed Shipping Boxes: D-M

So yeah, themed shipping boxes… It is just so stinking incredible, all of the options we have at our fingertips, specifically all of these packages whose purpose is to solely provide a bright spot in your month and give you a little pleasure.   Most of them are on a recurring monthly subscription, but some of them can be ordered at your whim, and just about all of them are awesome.  I would love to give each and every one of them a try, but of course that’s just not possible.  Here are some different themed “shipping boxes” that you might be interested in:

Date in a Crate:  I love that this subscription uses shipping boxes that look like wood crates (hence the clever pun in the name).  I also love that the concept is all about sharing a date with that special person in your lives.  A lot of people can’t afford a babysitter on top of going out and paying for a meal and a movie.  Even if you just want to go out and get a cup of coffee paying for a babysitter and finding someone you trust is always the biggest challenge. This box completely changes all of that, and it’s amazing.  Throw the kids downstairs with a movie, or in bed, and then dig into your Date in a Crate and enjoy!

 Disney: Don’t even pretend like you don’t think Disney is amazing.  Literally everybody in the world loves Disney in one way or another.  Catering to this global obsession is a massive list of Disney subscription packages.  A good portion of them offer junk…excuse me, stuff… from the theme parks, but you could try out the Marvel themed box that sends super hero stuff every month, which is awesome, or the Princess Monthly Surprise, which obviously contains stuff themed around different princesses. 

 Japan Crate: speaking of shipping boxes that look like crates, Japan Crate does not actually look like a crate but that is still what it’s called.  Most people claim to be obsessed with Asian type stuff, and this box is for those people.  Japan Crate offers weird Japanese snacks and candies, and that’s a nice way of putting it.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m an adventurous person, and I would absolutely give these oddly shaped parcels a try.

Maker Monthly: Okay, so maybe this one might be my favorite.  

I would straight up OCD all over the stuff they send in their boxes… sleek looking pens, crisp and unique notebooks, or even a nylon roll for keeping all yours pens and brushed and what not?  Yes please!

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